Linong Elementary S chool, which is near by Qilian station of MRT, was founded in 1977.With the rapid growth of people in Shih-Pai area, students who used to enroll in Shihpai and Qingjiang elementay school were transferred to linong. Students here comes from linong, Lishan, Guenshan, Donghua and Bashan boroughs.

The first stage of school buildings was completed on December 1, 1977. From then on, school operated on campus. There were 18 classes. The first principal was Cheng Yow-mong, who positively completed the second stage of school buildings, combined teaching with fun learning, supported children's drama club and organized the soccer team.


In 1981, Wang Guan-ging became the second principal, who organized special education section and kindergarten. He also completed the building work of 9 classrooms at building F and toilets.


Chou Chou-yuan became the third principal in 1989. She was keen on Chinese language teaching and learning; thus won a great number of prizes in contests of Taipei city and Taiwan province. She well coordinated the gardening work for the campus, completed the decoration of hygrophyte

pond and and the planted Madagascar almond around the tracks.


Chen Bing-kung became the fourth principal in 1993. He had school teaching normalized, fostered a children-centered perspective, set up resource classes to help students with lower accomplishments, organized the arboretum and fountain; as well as the renovation of the toilets at the 1 st floor.


Hsieh Kuan-fu became the fifth principal in 1999. He emphasized on the safety of students either going to or after school. Therefore, he completed 2 commuting lanes, clearance on 2 sides of school door, renovation of center hallway, drinking-water system, 2 elevators for school lunch, computer classroom and cyber system on campus.


Tseng Yu-ming has been the principal since 2002. She gives a guiding principle on curricula, makes improvements on teaching and learning and

puts great emphases on school clubs. As for school renovation, she completed the work of building A, underground student activity center,

water table for classrooms of buildings B. C. D. E, toilets, basins, cabinets in classrooms and bulletin boards of center corridor. Also, she sets out the renovation project on structures of buildings year after year.


Chen chen-wen has been the principal since 2006. She gives a guiding principle on curricula, makes improvements on teaching and learning and puts great emphases on school clubs.

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